Guardian Advocate

Guardian advocacy is different than a regular guardianship. Florida Statutes 393.12 states that:

(a) A circuit court may appoint a guardian advocate, without an adjudication of incapacity, for a person with developmental disabilities, if the person lacks the decisionmaking ability to do some, but not all, of the decisionmaking tasks necessary to care for his or her person or property or if the person has voluntarily petitioned for the appointment of a guardian advocate. Except as otherwise specified, the proceeding shall be governed by the Florida Rules of Probate Procedure.

(b) A person who is being considered for appointment or is appointed as a guardian advocate need not be represented by an attorney unless required by the court or if the guardian advocate is delegated any rights regarding property other than the right to be the representative payee for government benefits. This paragraph applies only to proceedings relating to the appointment of a guardian advocate and the court’s supervision of a guardian advocate and is not an exercise of the Legislature’s authority pursuant to s. 2(a), Art. V of the State Constitution.

Although an attorney is not required, they can be quite helpful in navigating the petitions and orders that need to go to court to accomplish your purpose.

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